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Since June 2014, a team of five art activists in Belize have collaborated to produce nine electronic editions of the Belizean arts magazine BAFFU. Featuring the works of over 300 artists, writers and poets, to date this effort has produced a 900 page record of the arts of contemporary Belize.

baffuprintedPublished by The Image Factory Art Foundation in Belize, this month BAFFU reached a milestone by putting out it's first printed edition, the appropriately titled BAFFUprinted. The new printed version is a selection of works from the previous nine online editions as well as new material. The printed magazine has a limited run of 500.

The magazine's title “BAFFU” comes from the the popular Belizean Creole term "baffu ah cahn gamma" describing the idea that you are trying, but keeping missing. Visual artist and teacher Yasser Musa, one of Baffu magazine's founders and editors, says “the idea that you are trying, but keeping missing is a very relevant idea for an artist because it gives you the space to keep trying in the context of continuous development.”

baffu6In addition to Musa, BAFFU and BAFFUprinted is edited by Belizean artists Katie Usher, Kyraan Gabourel, Briheda Haylock, and Rasheed Palacio.

In part, the magazine's intent is to present an artistic vision that reflects Belizean society as it truly is, beyond the stereotypes of Belizean art produced for tourists. Poet and editor Kyraan Gabourel says “The purpose of the magazine is to provoke a conversation that we refuse to have with our children and refuse to have with ourselves.” Artist and editor Rasheed Palacio adds “Each issue is an opportunity to connect with people and document ideas. These Ideas are not limited to the Belizean landscape. These ideas come from all corners of the world and have the ability to influence the modern age.”

Beyond producing BAFFU Magazine, The Image Factory Art Foundation is a not for profit art institution dedicated to the promotion of art and culture in Belize. They first opened in 1995 and host a wide variety of visual arts (painting, photography, sculpture, and installation), history, and anthropology exhibits. They have also published numerous books on Belizean art and culture and host other forms of cultural activities including poetry, dance and music performances.

In addition to their website, you can keep up with The Image Factory Art Foundation on Facebook at: Image Factory Art Foundation Facebook Page

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