Gerard Ellis

ge"All The Artificial Barriers”, a solo exhibition of new and recent works by New York-based, Dominican artist Gerard Ellis is on view at Lyle O. Reitzel Contemporary Art Gallery in New York. It includes large, mixed media works on canvas, as well as medium and small size works on wood panels.


The show will be on view until August 30, 2017.

A painter and draftsman, Gerard Ellis establishes an interesting dichotomy between the practice of painting and social critique. His pictorial work is highly expressive and vigorous for those who directly or indirectly participate in the multiple strata of the contexts of which this artist speaks. The violence, corruption and lack of willpower characteristic of our times are central topics of his meticulous pictorial work.

The use of animal characters has been a key figure in his paintings, where it can sometimes act both as a victim and as the aggressor, and constantly finds itself immersed in different dramatic and theatrical scenarios, punctuated by an artificial stillness and tension that halts the action, as if you are looking in on a static diorama, but at the same time giving us a strong sense of movement and dynamism.

ge2Ellis competes in a direct relation to the animal, this time, no longer domestic (an owl, a cybor-dog, among others) with the man and are constant companions to the figures in the paintings. Equipped with a dramatic quality, the plastic movement of each one of the works speaks of speed and stillness, paralysis and aggression, being the diachronic dichotomy of the mental movement of the spectator.

Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 1976, he graduated from the National School of Fine Arts and the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo. Selected to be part of the “S-Files”, the 6th edition of the El Museo del Barrio Biennial in NY, 2011. Has been recognized with three awards of Excellence by The Society of News Design, 2007-2008. In 2007 was invited to be part of the IX edition of the Cuenca International Biennial, Ecuador. His work has been exhibited in group shows in the Nassau County Museum of Art, NY, The IDB Cultural Center and The Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington, D.C.

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