Jose Vera Matos

The Armory Show is America’s leading international art fair that takes place annually on pier 92 & 94, overlooking the Hudson River in New York. This highly-anticipated event on the global arts calendar just concluded it's 22nd edition. As in past years, artists from Latin America were significantly represented at the show.

installationIn one of the most well received exhibitions of the show, in the booth of Buenos Aires based Document Art Gallery, the 35-year-old Lima-based artist José Vera Matos delved into the history of his native Peru using literature as his roadmap. His work takes books by major Peruvian thinkers and transcribes their pages into drawings, using the text to build compositions inspired by Incan stone walls. The resulting pieces use the words to create visual motifs that are scarcely readable. The booth at the Armory Show was transformed by the integrated set of works, based on the first comprehensive book of Peruvian history, into a monument to the country's past and the unique vision of the artist.

jvmJosé Vera Matos lives and works in Lima, Peru. He studied at the School of Visual Arts Edith Sachs and in the National School of Fine Arts of Peru. He received the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation Fellowship for Latin American Artists in 2012.

His work has been shown in Lima, Mexico City, Barcelona, Madrid, Basel, Bogota, New York, Turin, Buenos Aires, among others. Selected Exhibitions include: Nuevas Adquisiciones Museo de Arte de Lima, MALI; Nueva Era, OFICINA 1, Caracas, Venezuela; Bienal del Fin, el 52, Mexico DF; El placer es mas importante que la victoria, Tasneem Gallery, Barcelona; Superreal, Alternative Realities in photography and video, El Museo del Barrio, New York; Color & Unrest, a survey of Latin American video Production curated by Proyectos Ultravioleta, New York; Bajo el sol de la muerte, Espacio Mínimo Gallery, Madrid; Tierra Incógnita, Centro Cultural de España, Lima; El sol del Mundo Natural es Puro Fuego, Revolver Galeria, Lima; Metabolismo de Utopias, Garùa, Lima; LISTE. Solo Projects, Basel.

His work is also part of public and private collections such as Lousiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark and MALI, Museo de Arte de Lima.

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