Los Carpinteros “Irreversible”

Los Carpinteros is the name taken by a group of young Cuban artists who as a collective entity specialize in the creation of humorous installations and objects. In 1991 Marco Antonio Castillo Valdes, Dagoberto Rodriguez Sanchez, and Alexandre Arrechea formed what would become Los Carpinteros—however they didn’t adopt the name until 1994. Irreversible, is an exhibition of new work by Los Carpinteros at the Sean Kelly Gallery in New York. The show is installed in all three of the gallery’s exhibition spaces and will include new sculptures as well as a video installation—a first for the artists.

Irreversible addresses themes of community, the passage of time, and the effects of historic events as endured by the anonymous individuals who comprise a society. Los Carpinteros’ work conflates conflicting periods, styles and subject matter to articulate the push and pull that major social and political events exert on the citizens who experience them.

An installation entitled Tomates will be presented in Gallery One. It comprises over 200 sculptural elements that appear to be ripe tomatoes splattered on the walls of the gallery, obliquely referencing tomatoes hurled by protestors during political rallies over the centuries throughout the world. Presented in Gallery Two are sculptures from a recent series that articulate the artists’ unique response to the architectural monuments and buildings erected during the Cold War era. The exhibition derives its name from the video installation in Gallery Three—Conga Irreversible—a performance originally conceived and produced, to great acclaim, by Los Carpinteros for the 2012 Havana Biennial.

Learn more about the ehibit here: Los Carpinteros Exhibit Website

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