Oscar Muñoz discusses Cali

Colombian artist Oscar Muñoz discusses the artistic climate in Cali, Colombia. Muñoz is a multimedia artist whose drawings, photographs, prints, video works, and installations explore the relationships between presence and absence, image and memory, and remembering and forgetting. He is particularly concerned with the role played by the production and consumption of images in shaping the political reality of his native Colombia, which over the past six decades has experienced a succession of domestic wars and insurgencies. Screening self-portraits on water (which change as the water evaporates) or coaxing the viewer's breath to bring form to images on glass, he asks questions about the meaning and power of image making in a conflicted cultural context. Muñoz, who lives and works in Cali, is the founder of Lugar a Dudas, a local alternative art space and residency program.

Leasrm more about Oscar Muñoz: Oscar Muñoz at SFMOMA

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Categories: Film & Arts
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