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Photography from Latin America has been slow to receive international recognition. Over the last several years that has begun to change. With the continued discovery of the region's deep photographic traditions and its increasing contribution to the new media landscape, the reputation of photography from Latin America is on the rise.

aipadlogo2Presented by AIPAD (The Association of International Photography Art Dealers), this week the 36th edition of The Photography Show took place in New York. The show is the major meeting and exhibition of photography galleries from all over the world. Showing the impact Latin American photography is now having at the global level, two photography galleries from Latin America participated in The Photography Show for the first time.

Patricia Conde Galeria of Mexico City and Rolf Art from Buenos Aires took their place alongside the most prestigious photography galleries in the world. Both galleries presented works by Latin American photography masters as well as the contemporary artists defining new traditions in Latin American visual culture. These works were presented to an audience of curators of photography for the major international museums, private photography dealers, the most discerning of private photography collectors and the public.

humberto-riosSpecializing in contemporary photography since 2009, Patricia Conde Galeria is the only Mexican gallery solely devoted to promoting photography, both by Mexican artists and foreign artists thematically engaged with Mexico. The gallery is interested in the creative development of photographic ideas as well as in the originality and artistic vision of renowned, intermediate and emerging artists.

Founded and directed by Patricia Conde, the gallery's mission is to promote contemporary Mexican photography in her home country and internationally and present the work of photographers from other parts of the world to a Mexican audience.

Conde explained that she wants to show “the power and the vitality of photography from Mexico and Latin America. I am also eager for Mexico to recognize the great artists of our country, the ones that have left their mark." she continues "It is also important to recognize the photographers and artists of today”.

enrique-metinide2sAt The Photography Show Patricia Conde Galeria presented a wide selection a Mexican artists including Flor Garduño, Humberto Rios, Ilán Rabchinskey, Rodrigo Moya, José Antonio Martínez and Dulce Pinzon and the Cuban artist Rene Pena.

Rolf Art, founded in Buenos Aires in 2009 by Florencia Giordana Braun, focuses on contemporary Latin American visual arts. The gallery features works exploring the photographic medium and its boundaries. As explained by Ms. Giordana, the gallery's first and foremost endeavor is to understand the political context of photography. In so doing, it also considers the social and economic context of artistic expression and presents it as a determining factor for art’s interpretation.

As an example of this approach, at The Photography Show Rolf Art presented a solo exhibition of Peruvian photographer and artist Milagros de la Torre from the series “Under the black sun (Bajo el sol negro)”.

Ms. De La Torre has been a leading light in the Latin American artistic universe for some time who is just now coming on to the world stage. If this year's edition of The Photography Show is any indication, many photographers from Latin American are likely to follow.

Photo Credits:

Top: Artist: Milagros De La Torre - From the series Under the Black Sun - Untitled - Courtesy of Rolf Art
Middle: Artist: Humberto Rios - Untitled - Courtesy of Galeria Patricia Conde
Bottom: Artist: Enrique Metinides - Untitled - Courtesy of Galeria Patricia Conde

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