Tequila CAZADORES and Chef Aarón Sánchez Launch Taco Tuesday Event Series Spotlighting Local Bodegas and Mercados Across the US (PRNewsfoto/Tequila CAZADORES)

Bodega Bites NYC

zaraKPRENSA usually stays far away from stories that are driven by brand promotions. But rules are sometimes made to be broken. This is one of those times.

As true New Yorkers, we love bodegas (and we're angry they may now be endangered by unscrupulous robotic interlopers - see: Bodega Start-Up). We love bodega cats. But most of all, we love bodega tacos and our favorite place is the Zaragoza Market on Avenue A in New York's East Village. It's around the corner from our office and has provided us with sustenance for many years.

The good people at Tequila CAZADORES just announced a promotion that is so close to our hearts that we just had to get on board.

Bodega Bites is a Taco Tuesday event series hosted by chef Aarón Sánchez. The intent is to shine a light on local bodega and mercado owners across the U.S. who are known for their tacos. The event series started in Los Angeles, moved to Austin and is now coming to New York on October 10th . The Bodega Bites events are a mix of happy hours and late night taco deliveries on custom-designed bicycles featuring full-functioning grills. The events feature tacos of local bodegas as well as recipes from Sánchez inspired by his trip to Arandas, Mexico – Tequila CAZADORES' birthplace. The New York event will feature the tacos of our beloved Zaragoza Market. To RSVP for the Bodega Bites NYC event see details at bottom of article.

bottles"The U.S. has embraced the taco for many years now, creating delicious variations and inspirations of this classic Mexican dish," said Manny Hinojosa, from Tequila CAZADORES. "However, in light of Hispanic Heritage Month, we want to take it back to the basics, and are thrilled to partner with critically-acclaimed Mexican-American Chef Aarón Sánchez to honor the local bodega and mercado owners who not only reflect Tequila CAZADORES' values of taking pride in your craft, but are truly making some of the most authentic Mexican tacos we've seen."

Bodga Bites New York on October 10th will showcase Zaragoza's oven roasted carnitas taco, marinated in their homestyle recipe using pig shoulder, and their exceptional beef tongue taco, boiled and served with fresh onion, cilantro and lettuce. Chef Sanchez' recipes will each highlight a specific ingredient that can traditionally be found at a bodegas. For example, Achiote Chicken Tacos with Pineapple-Cilantro Salsa or Chorizo and Potato Tacos.

"I wanted to bring to life the stories and inspiration from my trip to Arandas with these tacos; taking authentic Mexican products from the bodegas and mercados and adding fresh, local ingredients to create delicious tacos that pair perfectly with CAZADORES," said Chef Aarón Sánchez I'm proud of my Mexican heritage and excited to work alongside Tequila CAZADORES to celebrate our culture."

As always, however, there's no tacos without a little tequila. Guests will enjoy a variety of signature Tequila CAZADORES cocktails, including The Good, the Bad and the Ugly with Tequila CAZADORES Blanco, mezcal blanco, Aperol and pureed red roasted bell pepper; The CAZADORES Sangrita, a mix of orange, lime and tomato juice spiked with hot sauce, paired with a shot of Tequila CAZADORES Reposado; and Mexican Chardonnay, which is quite simply Tequila CAZADORES Blanco served neat in a wine glass.

To RSVP for Bodega Bites happy hour in NYC, please email BodegaBitesRSVP@d1a.com. Be sure to follow along with #BodegaBites on Instagram.



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