La Leche For Breakfast?

A new study of Spanish language tweets puts a spotlight on the way Spanish speaking people in the US currently eat, including the many reasons that many skip breakfast entirely. It turns out that there are thousands of tweets in Spanish every single day about skipping breakfast, mainly due to a lack of time to prepare or consume the morning meal.

The first-of-its-kind exploration of social media data was conducted by the National Got Milk? Campaign in conjunction with digital analytics firm Crimson Hexagon. It found that more than 50% of people who tweet in Spanish attribute missing or skipping breakfast in the morning to a range of reasons from not having enough time or waking up late to not liking the breakfast options and not being hungry. The new study, titled "What America (Tw)Eats", was based entirely on the tweets Spanish speakers pushed out over the past two years about what they eat (or don't) for breakfast each morning.

The top breakfast foods most tweeted about in Spanish are bread, eggs, chocolate, cereal and pizza (yes, pizza). Spanish conversations also indicate that breakfast may be missing the mark for balanced nutrition as fruits and vegetables don't even make the list of top 25 tweeted about breakfast foods.

On the breakfast beverage front, coffee and milk are the top-tweeted-about options. However, thousands of tweets in Spanish complain about running out of milk. Many complain of pouring a bowl of cereal only to find they're out of much-needed milk. High density Hispanic states like California, New York and Florida are most likely to run out of milk (most tweets per capita).

The new study is also part of a multi-facited project of the Got Milk campaign geared toward US latinos under the umbrella called El Proyecto Desayuno. El Proyecto Desayuno has seen Latino celebrities like Carlos Vives and Victor Cruz star in Got Milk commercials for the Spanish speaking market.

For more on El Proyecto Desayuno see: El Proyecto Desayuno

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