Edificio Santalaia

Edificio SantalaiaEdificio Santalaia in Bogota, Colombia is one of the coolest vertical garden projects in the world. With over 33,000 Sq. feet of plants, this project is much more than a vertical garden. It is a living building. It is becoming an important icon that reminds us about the importance of having nature, and specifically plants, in our daily lives.

The project was built in a collaboration between Spanish green designers Paisajismo Urbano (Vertical Garden Technology Provider) and Colombian company Groncol (Vertical Garden and Green Roof Designer and Installer) and the architect Exacta Proyecto Total. Completed in December 2015, the project took a total of eight months of planning and eight months of construction to build the green wall 9 stories above ground and 2 stories underground.

One of the architect's inspirations and references was the B3 Hotel in Bogota, which had a very large and successful green wall installed in 2012 by Groncol. Groncol believed they had the technology, based upon the prior use of the systems from the Paisajismo Urbano that was used in the B3 Hotel project.

Edificio Santalaia is part of a trend

conectaEdificio Santalaia is just one example of the green building trend that is happening in Colombia. In fact, Colombia is fast becoming the leader in green building in Latin America. As recognition of this fact, the 2016 edition ot the World Green Infrastructure Congress will take place in Bogota begining on October 19th.

The organizer of the conference, The World Green Infrastructure Network, selected the capital of Colombia for its leadership in the development of the green building industry over the last 8 years in which more than 300.000 square meters of concrete surfaces were turned into living landscapes.

The conference venue will be the new convention center at Connecta, a unique example of eco-positive urban development in Latin America, and a pioneer case of integration of environmentally responsible practices. At Connecta the old buildings of Avianca Airlines were retrofitted to create a complex of more than 200.000 m2 of new work spaces linked with green promenades, trees, living roofs and walls, parks and water features.

Like Edificio Santalaia, Connecta represents the green urban future in Latin America.

Credits: The Edificio Santalaia was recently featured as a project of the week by Greenroofs.com who produced the video embedded here. See their post on the project here: Greenroofs.com Project of the Week. The Greenroofs.com post also features photographs by Bogota based architectural photographer Daniel Segura.

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