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A New Airport in Mexico

Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto has announced that a collaboration between world renowned architect Norman Foster and Mexico's FR-EE (Fernando Romero Enterprise) has won the international competition to design the new international airport in Mexico City. At 480,000 square metres, it will be one of the world’s largest airports. Conceived with Foster + Partners engineering team, the project intends to revolutionize airport design. The entire terminal will be enclosed within a continuous lightweight shell, embracing walls and roof in a single, flowing form, evocative of flight.

See architect Norman Foster present and discuss the project in the video below.

airportWith spans in excess of 100 metres, three times the span of a conventional airport, it has a monumental scale inspired by Mexican architecture and symbolism. The maximum span internally is 170 metres. The lightweight glass and steel structure and soaring vaulted roof are designed for Mexico City’s challenging soil conditions. Its unique pre-fabricated system can be constructed rapidly, without the need for scaffolding – the airport will be a showcase for Mexican innovation, built by Mexican contractors and engineers.

The entire building will be serviced from beneath, freeing the roof of ducts and pipes and revealing the environmental skin. This hardworking structure harnesses the power of the sun, collects rainwater, provides shading, directs daylight and enables views – all while achieving a high performance envelope that meets high thermal and acoustic standards. The LEED Platinum design works with Mexico City’s temperate, dry climate to fill the terminal spaces with fresh air using displacement ventilation principles. For a large part of the year, comfortable temperatures will be maintained by almost 100% outside air, with little or no additional heating or cooling required

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