Da Cruz “Bola da Discoteca”

Da Cruz is a collaboration between Brazilian singer Mariana Da Cruz, Swiss producer Ane Hebeisen (Ane H.), guitar player Oliver Husmann and percussionist Pit Lee. Da Cruz was formed in 2005 when Hebeisen, formerly of the Swiss industrial-electro group Swamp Terrorists, met Da Cruz, a Bossa Nova singer in an Irish pub, in Lisbon while touring Portugal. Since then, they have released three albums: Nova Estação in 2007, Corpo Elétrico in 2008, and Sistema Subversiva in 2011.

Their new work, Disco E Progresso, is a double album reflecting the two sides of modern Brazilian life, one bright, one dark. Check out the the first single 'Bola da Discoteca'.

Learn more about Da Cruz : Band Website

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