Dayme Arocena

Dayme Arocena is an award-winning Afro-Cuban jazz singer from Havana, who has been described as Cuba's "finest young female singer." She draws inspiration from the intertwining musical legacies of her native Cuba. She is a strong believer in Santeria, an Afro-Caribbean religion based on Yoruba principles; to mark her faith, she frequently performs in white.

cubafoniaArocena‘s new album, Cubafonía, is a wonder of handcrafted Afro-Cuban music, bringing the rhythms of today’s Cuba—not just the ’50s Cuban sound that you hear so often—to the world.

The album includes the single “La Rumba Me Llamo Yo” which places Daymé in the context of familiar Cuban musical traditions. Watch the video above. Another track "Eleggua" is a more challenging and innovative blend of Afro-Cuban rhythms with bursting horns and jazz influences. See the video on Youtube.

Arocena began performing semi-professionally when she was eight years old; at the age of 14, she became the lead singer of the band Los Primos. She is considered a musical prodigy, and is a trained composer, arranger, choir director, and band leader, in addition to being a singer. Arocena was on National Public Radio's (NPR) list of 50 favorite albums of 2015, with the album Nueva Era. She won the 2015 Juno Award for the best jazz album, as a member of the jazz band Maqueque performing with Canadian musician Jane Bunnett.

Arocena is currently on a US tour. Upcoming dates include in NYC, the Bay Area, Los Angeles and beyond.

Find out more about Dayme Arocena and get information on tour dates on the Artist Website, Facebook, and Bandcamp.

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