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How to Help Puerto Rico

Mexico and Puerto Rico are still in shock after being hit by devastating natural disasters. Here are some things you can do to help.

USA- MEXICO Facing Walls

Asylum Rights Violated

Facing Walls: USA and Mexico’s violation of the rights of asylum seekers, a new report from Amnesty International USA, explores the impact of a raft of new policies and ongoing practices that result in asylum seekers pursuing increasingly more desperate and dangerous means of crossing the U.S. border.


Peace in Colombia

The Civil War in Colombia seems to have come to an end. The Colombian government and the FARC rebels announced that a cease fire would begin on August 29th.


Fidel Castro is Dead

Fidel Castro is dead at age 90. Fidel Castro ruled Cuba for almost 50 years before handing over the powers to his brother Raul in 2008.


Berta Caceres

Honduran environmental leader and winner of the 2015 Goldman Environmental Prize Berta Caceres was shot and killed at her home.

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“Radical Cities”

In his book “Radical Cities”, Justin McGuirk travels across Latin America in search of activist architects, maverick politicians and alternative communities.