BRT in Buenos Aires

Interesting story by Marcela Valente on about how the city of Buenos Aires has transformed it's iconic Avenida 9 de Junio with the creation of a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system called the Metrobus.

The postcard image of this proud city is Avenida 9 de Julio, a triumphant boulevard that is by some accounts the widest street in the world. There’s two parts to the picture everyone knows. One is the towering Obelisk commemorating the founding of Buenos Aires. The other is the 20 lanes of traffic commemorating the city’s love of cars.

Buses used to be stuck in the mix of traffic on 9 de Julio, jostling with with cars, taxis and trucks. Now, buses have their own lanes for 3 km before peeling off into traffic to get to their destinations. More than 200,000 commuters, many of them traveling to or from the suburbs, enjoy a faster ride that also makes a subway transfer obsolete.

Bus rapid transit systems with features like this are nothing new in South America. In fact, compared with world-renowned systems in Curitiba, Brazil and Bogotá, Colombia.

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