Panama’s Biomuseo

Almost ten years after its construction began, Panama's Biomuseo built by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry finally opened. The long-awaited cultural institution explores its unique location — a narrow strip of land surrounded by water — and diverse range of species which inhabit the region, while serving as an international beacon for the country.

ls_0923The project, which features distinctive contemporary split-roof levels in bold colors, is LA-based studio Frank Gehry Partners‘ first building in Latin America. The 400-square-metre space will feature eight permanent and sequenced exhibition galleries, a public atrium, a temporary exhibition hall, a cafeteria and multiple outdoor exhibitions located in a botanical park.

According to the project steering committee, the Biomuseo, launched by the Amador Foundation and backed by the Government of Panama, was designed “with the purpose of changing how we see, understand, and conserve our environment.” Juan Carlos Fabrega, Vice President of the Amador Foundation, says its completion was made possible through donations.

The museum will allow guests to explore the history of Panama, presented as the ‘puente de vida’ or the ‘bridge of life’ between two continents. Each of the exhibition spaces will feature a different aspect of Panama’s geography and history, showcasing the country’s biodiversity.

Besides being an architectural icon, the museum plans to have a strong educational component, primarily in subjects related to biodiversity.

The scientific content has been developed by a group of scientists in the Smithsonian Institute and the University of Panama. Among these is Anthony Coates, author of the general concept of the main exhibition. As to the formal, graphic part, all the elements have been conceived by a group of designers lead by Bruce Mau, the well known Canadian designer.

The land around the museum will be a botanical park which will link the museum with the rest of the country.

To find out more see: Biomuseo Website




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