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World Cup Travel Woes?

Next month, Brazil will host the World Cup. The London based consulting firm LatinNews chronicles how airline executives are worried about how the Brazilian transportation infrastructure will handle the volume of visitors. Here are a couple of excerpts about the situation from the LatinNews report:

According to latest estimates, over 600,000 people will be visiting Brazil during the upcoming FIFA World Cup, the once-every-four years football extravaganza due to be held between 12 June and 13 July ... The vast majority of the visitors – perhaps over 90% – will get to the country and to the different venues by air ... airline executives are decidedly down in the mouth about the whole thing.

Behind that concern is the technical worry that the air travel system in Brazil is just not robust enough. In the last ten years, the number of Brazilian air travellers has more than tripled to around 200m per annum. Despite advances, and the expansion and modernisation of airline fleets, the country’s airport and air traffic control infrastructure has struggled to keep up.

According to Paul Irvine, a Rio-based travel agent, “people coming to Brazil are going to be shocked, especially Americans, by how bad the airports are. There won’t be any catastrophic issues… but they will be chaotic and as ugly as heck.” John Strickland of JLS, an aviation consultancy, adds: “it seems that sufficient improvement will not be in place in time for the event, and airlines will pay the price with delays and disrupted flights bringing in the influx of traffic.”

You can read expanded article and find out more about the report on the LatinNews website here: World Cup not so exciting for airlines

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